Monday, 17 August 2009

First Post!


As you may have heard, this is my first post on my blog. Soon this blog will be filled with nice pictures that I have created with my hands. Hopefully there are some nice people out there that want to look at my nice pictures and then I will shout 'Huzzah!' and go make some more.

One thing that you might know about me is that I am also part of a design studio, that's website can be found at:

This is with my very good friends James Burlinson and Richard Nabarro who also like to make nice pictures, which is why we are very good friends. And yes, that is our logo above!

Even though I am part of this incredible team that will hopefully one day achieve world domination (only to give it all back, of course!) I am also my own unit, so this here blog is my place to post stuff that isn't suitable for Neon Gravy. No, nothing like that. Weirdo.

So yes, work coming soon! Hang tight y'all!